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International Youth Work

We are hugely supportive of young people from Tipperary taking up the opportunity to travel and gain new experiences that will give them lifelong skills and friends. We have partners across Europe and work with LEARGAS to facilitate a range of programmes, particularly through the Erasmus Youth in Action programme. Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport for the years 2014 to 2020. It provides funding and support for organisations to operate projects consistent with its objectives and which encourage European exchange, co-operation and learning. Erasmus+ is funded by the European Union through the contributions of member states, including Ireland. Youth Work Ireland Tipperary regularly lead up applications for new projects as well as participate as partners with projects based in other countries.

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If you would like to experience the world of opportunity that is out there for you with Youth Work Ireland Tipperary you can become involved through:

Block 1

Youth Exchanges

Groups of young people get the opportunity to visit another group in another country and work with them on a particular theme or area of interest, which immersing themselves in their partner’s culture and making lifelong friends. A key objective of youth exchanges is for young people to meet common challenges in innovative ways and to exchange good practice.

Block 2

Training Opportunities

There are a range of opportunities for young people to take part in seminars and training internationally with a view to building capacity and getting exposed to new ways of doing things and new ideas. Youth Work Ireland Tipperary also supports the organisation and development of training programmes for youth work practitioners.

Block 1

Development of Best Practice

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary is committed to developing new and innovative ways of doing things and to this end support initiatives with our partners exploring ideas and challenges. We are currently partnering with LIT and partners in the UK and Greece on our Virtual Youth Work Project.


Block 2

European Volunteer Service.

Leargas’ European Volunteer Service – young people aged 18-30 years can for 2 to 12 months travel to Europe to do voluntary work, gain skills, learn a language and live in another culture. Travel and accommodation is paid plus the volunteer receives a monthly allowance. Youth Work Ireland Tipperary provides a mentoring and support service for young people who are interested in going abroad to gain valuable experience.