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Cop On To Climate Change

Junior Board of Management Campaign running from the 1st to the 12th of November

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The campaign wants to highlight

–        the importance of COP 26 & the Global Goals as tools addressing climate change

–        the main causes Climate Change

–        the effects both locally and globally of Climate Change

–        A call to action to Cop On to Climate Change now before it’s too late!

Campaign Press Release

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary is delighted to be mid-way through its Youth-led Campaign ‘Cop On to Climate Change’ which is being spearheaded by the organisation Junior Board of Management from the 1st to the 12th of November 2021.

The Cop On to Climate Change campaign has been planned by young people to give a platform to highlight the reality of climate change and to create a call to action while the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) is happening in Glasgow.

It’s an uncomfortable truth, if the Governments, decision makers, companies, communities and we the people of the planet don’t take serious action now, there is not going to be planet for future generations. That’s why the YWITs Junior Board of Management see Climate Change as one of the biggest local and global problems that they will face in their live time and why now is the time for us all across the various generations to Cop On to Climate Change. 

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary strongly believes in the power of youth-led education through this creative and interactive advocacy campaign to tackle climate change.  Donal Kelly, Youth Work Ireland Tipperary CEO sees this campaign as an important initiative as ‘Raising awareness of how close we are to Climate Emergency is vital in tackling Climate Change and address Climate Justice – we want to equip our young people, their families and the wider community with knowledge and tools in this Climate Crisis to Cop On, step up and to do more before it’s too late because Climate Change is very real and the consequences of inaction will be devastating for future generations ’

Eleanor aged 17, a junior board member believes in this campaign as if we don’t act now it will become too late to make any significate change that will help to protect future generations from adverse conditions and will leave them with a world not fit for purpose.

Aisling aged 18, the current Chairperson of the Junior Board, would love to see everyone get involved and to do their bit to help address Climate Change, so on behalf of the team of young people, Aisling wants to encourage you to join this call to action by checking out YWI Tipperary’s social media platforms and website to get involved in the Cop On to Climate Change campaign today.