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 Our Youth Work Projects

We have a range of youth projects funded from different sources which work to provided services to young people in their local communities. These projects are all staffed by highly qualified and experienced youth workers, and supported by support staff and volunteers. All projects place young people at the centre of everything that they do, and strive to ensure that young people have a highly visible presence in their direction and day to day work.

Our Special Youth Projects (SPY) are all funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. Each SPY project aims to provide a holistic, relevant and fun service to the young people in its catchment area, and is staffed by a project worker and team of youth work assistants.


Templemore Youth Project

We work with young people aged between 8 and 18 from Templemore through our youth café, and our many groups ranging from after-schools to our Cool Ceoil Music Group, and place an emphasis on youth participation, active citizenship and inclusion for all young people.

Contact Number – 0504 56641 / 087 7727111

Thurles Youth Project

We are based in the FCA youth centre, as well as the Croke St. premises and Monakeeba Estate. We work with young people from 8 to 18 years and have a focus on equality, inclusion and opportunities for all young people.

Contact Number – 0504 23426 / 087 6210666

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Tipperary Town Youth Project

We are in the Bank Place Youth Centre, as well as in Carroclough Estate and have long held links with many groups in Tipperary. We work with young people aged between 8 and 25 years and our groups range from music, drama and general groups to focused work on young people who are unemployed, young mothers and community based initiatives.

Contact Number – 062 52604 / 087 7720222

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North Tipperary Traveller Youth Project

We work in both Thurles and Littleton communities and focus on working with young people who are from the travelling community, as well as young people from other nationalities and young Irish people. We run a successful after-school’s programme and a range of activities in Thurles and in Littleton through this project funded by DCYA, HSE and TUSLA.

Contact Number – 0504 23426/ 087 2860980

Tipperary Rural Outreach project

This is our club’s project, funded by DCYA,   and provides a range of support to young people living in smaller rural communities in Tipperary and East Limerick through local volunteer led youth clubs. The project arranges regional events, training and localised supports to our youth clubs.

Contact Number – 062 52604 / 087 2860992 / 087 2860991

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Tipperary Youth Information Centres

We are very fortunate to have two information centres in Tipperary Youth Centre and Thurles Youth Centre, funded by DCYA, which provide a welcoming space for young people and the community to access information and supports as well as make use of employment supports. In partnership with Spunout our youth information centres provide a range of information and supports. The Youth Information Co-ordinator also works in schools, in the organisation as a whole and in clubs to provide a timely information service. Young people can also access EVS services, Type up their CV and also apply and navigate the CAO process through the Youth Information Centres.

Contact Number – 0504 23426 / 062 52604/ 087 7726777

Cashel Neighbourhood Youth Project

Our Cashel project, funded by TUSLA, places an emphasis on the family as an important element of the young person’s life, and delivers the Functioning Family Therapy Programme as part of its range of supports to young people. Working with young people aged between 10 and 18 years the Cashel NYP has an active youth committee and places a focus on accessing a range of supports and opportunities for young people in a creative and innovative manner.

Contact Number – 062 62824 / 087 7726888

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Templemore Family Support Project

The family again plays a central role in this TUSLA funded project, with the project worker working with both parents and young people through a range of methodologies such as Incredible Years, Strengthening Families and one to one supports.

Contact Number – 0504 56641/ 087 2642203

Youth Employment Initiative

The Youth Employment Initiative is based in Tipperary Town and funded through the Dept. of Social Protection. The project supports young people aged 18-24years who are not engaged in employment, education or training through a holistic, person-centered approach. The YEI offers one to one supports as well as opportunities for personal development, training and employment. 

Contact Number – Moira Merrigan 083 1776414

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TAR Youth Diversion Project

Our TAR project is funded by IYJS and run in conjunction with an Garda Siochana, placing a specific focus on young people who are at risk of, or involved in the justice system. A combination of one to one work, group work and programme work, this project aims to support young people to take responsibility for their life paths.

Contact Number – 085 8009921/ 087 2860998 / 062 52604

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Mid Tipperary Drugs Initiative

This community based drugs initiative, funded by the HSE – targets the communities in the mid Tipperary region, providing preventative, early intervention and other supports as well as a referral pathway for individuals around substance misuse. The project works from and individualised support basis and provides supports to other projects, community groups and agencies around substance misuse.

Contact Number – 062 62824 / 087 6188075