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Creative Places

Creative Places comes to Tipperary Town

Tipperary is one of twelve locations nationally to take part in an Arts Council initiative aimed at getting more of us involved in arts and cultural activities.

Creative Places is about people with curious minds collaborating with artists and other curious people. It will involve sharing stories and making art.

Creative Places builds on the creative things that are already happening in a place, like the writers’ group, dance class or musical society. It will involve conversations with locals of all ages to find out what additional art activities people would like to take part in and enjoy.

The Arts Council has invested funding over a three-year period in Tipperary Town and this will allow those who live and work here to collaborate with amazing artists to build a brighter, more vibrant and creative town. The first activities will begin in April 2023.

A project coordinator, Leisa Gray, has been appointed and she wants to hear from anyone who is curious to find out more about Creative Places. That includes people already involved or working in the arts and creative sectors and people who have had little experience or opportunity to enjoy or get involved in arts activities.

For more information about events that are coming up and job opportunities, please visit



To contact Leisa and let her know you are interested in joining in or want to find out more: leisa.gray@youthworktipperary.ie

083 1741 680