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Digital Youth Work


This is an important element of our work, and an area that is constantly changing! As well as our face to face programmes and groups run through our projects and clubs, digital youth work is an emerging area of work that we have developed to meet the needs of our young people. To ensure safety and best practice, we are also constantly developing policies and procedures around this area. Youth Work Ireland Tipperary has a range of tools in Digital Youth Work which are open to project members and club member, volunteers and staff.


Block 1

Keeping in touch

All of our projects have Facebook pages. We also have an Instagram page, and use Snapchat  and Twitter.  Staff also all have work mobiles and email addresses  – We have a range of policies and procedures as well as descriptions for all of our activites which can be found HERE 

Block 2

Digital Group Work 

We run groups on line using platforms such as Zoom to maintain group activities and relationships with our members. These interactive planned sessions are energetic, and fun covering topics that members choose themselves, and can range from Netflix reviews to Minding your Mental health, to completing a project or activity.

Block 3

Digital One To One Contact

Young people that we regularly work with, or members who may need extra support can stay in touch with us through one to one work, using Zoom, telephone, what’s app and texting. Young people can work with us around a ranges of supports, including youth employment, early intervention supports, family work and or just to have a regular check-in and a chat.

Block 4

Digital SUS

This is our safe unstructured space where young people and families can use a ‘virtual drop in’ to get in touch with their staff and check in around things they are finding tough, information they might need, and a general social connection and support. A Virtual Youth Café that is run through our Facebook pages, and through Messenger, Text and the old fashioned phone call