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About Us

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Our Vision:

Our vision is of a world full of possibilities for all young people.

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Our Mission:

To work through a rights-based, youth-led approach to foster learning, innovation, hope and high expectations in young people, their families and their community.

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Our Value:

We believe in young people and in youthwork.

Our Story

We are energetic and passionate about working with young people since 1970.

In the late 1960’s, a group of volunteers in Tipperary town recognised that young people living in rural communities were at risk of being left behind. They weren’t getting the same opportunities as their urban sisters and brothers. This was due to a number of reasons; isolation from possibilities, lower access to education and training, economic factors or family situations. Each young person had their own challenges. This group of volunteers came together and set out to create a solution – youth work, a relatively new idea at the time. Youth Work meant that young people were at the centre of their own lives, they were supported to make decisions for themselves and gradually programmes and services were put into place to continue to work with young people. From this small start, we now have grown to Youth Work Ireland Tipperary. A dynamic and innovative youth work provider, working in County Tipperary and East Limerick.

We are a youth service which is forward thinking, creative and passionate about exploring opportunities and facing challenges with our young people. We place them at the centre of everything we do. We are strong and flexible, responding to local needs and linking with national and international practises to ensure that we continue to build on our history and experience and grow to be a leader in youth service provision.

We see the potential in young people and will ensure that others do also.

Our Governance

Youth Ireland Tipperary Board of Directors.

We have a voluntary board of directors made of 11 local people who guide Youth Work Ireland Tipperary in our work in Tipperary and East Limerick.  The board of directors place an emphasis on ensuring that we are open, transparent and follow the highest standards of governance.  We are fully compliant with the Governance Code.  To ensure that our board of directors is connected with the other structures within Youth Work Ireland Tipperary, there are three youth club representatives and two under 25 representatives.

Junior Board of Management – JBOM!

Our Junior Board of Management is a body set up to work with the Board of Directors of Youth Work Ireland Tipperary to support the development of the organisation, and to ensure that youth participation is a key element of our work. Members are active members of some element of Tipperary Regional Youth Service, representing the projects and youth clubs. Appointment to the Junior Board is through a nomination procedure, and members will be required to meet the CEO prior to joining the Junior Board of Management. 

Check out our JBOM video here for more information.


Our Partners

We are fortunate to work with a range of partners in terms of funding and project delivery

Child Safeguarding

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary is fully compliant with child safeguarding requirements, and we are active partners with TUSLA to ensure that the welfare of young people is always maintained as the core element of what we do. We have a full and up to date child safeguarding policy, and child safeguarding statement below. Our DLP is Cora Horgan (Contact Details – 087 7720111/ cora.horgan@youthworktipperary.ie. Our Deputy DLPS are Donal Kelly 086-7744564/ Donal.kelly@youthworktipperary.ie, Catherine Doyle 0876188075/ Catherine.doyle@youthworktipperary.ie and our Clubs Deputy DLP is Cate O Connor 087-9100727/ cate.oconnor@youthworktipperary.ie. All our staff and volunteers are garda vetted, and we work in partnership with Youth Work Ireland to ensure that this is as timely and efficient a process as possible.

Click here for our Safeguarding Statement Page 1 Click here for our Safeguarding Statement Page 2

Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan, for 2015 to 2020, aims to provide a roadmap for our work, ensuring that we have a clear and effective guidance to all our work.  Our organisational development process took place in 2014 and followed an approach which would maximise learning for the organisation, while ensuring that our strategic plan would reflect local, national and international practices and policy development. We had a number of experts from NUIG, UCC, NYCI, LIT Thurles, NUIG Maynooth, Foroige Best Practice Unit, IT Blanchardstown, CYC and CES supporting us to explore issues and areas of practice which resulted in a robust and energetic plan until 2020.

Click here for a summary document on our Strategic Plan

Resources and Support

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary has a youth information project, with offices in Tipperary Town and Thurles, which are fantastic sources of a range of information, supports and access to CV and employment guidance.  Each office has a bank of computers and experienced staff who will work to assist you in accessing information and advice, or refer you to an appropriate agency.

In addition, we are partnered with SpunOut.ie Ireland’s youth information website created by young people, for young people.  You can also contact any of our youth workers who are networked with a range of professionals and resources locally and nationally.

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Policies and Publications.

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary is compliant with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs National Quality Standards Framework, the National Youth Council Health Promotion Gold Standard and the Governance Code. As part of this compliance we have a range of documented policies and procedures.

Please email janet.doyle@youthworktipperary.ie for our latest Audited Accounts.

If you wish to file a complaint please email info@youthworktipperary.ie.

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