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Covid-19 Diary: Autism and Me. Issue 2


Changing and adapting to this new life- Issue 2.

No routine and doing things we love still put on hold.

I was thinking about the week that has gone by, and it feels like it’s gone by slowly and the days are all merging into one now it’s hard to know what days of the week it is anymore.

I find it hard not being able to do the small things that we used to take for granted that we can’t do anymore such as meeting up with my friends at the GAA games, going for a haircut, getting a bag of chips and eating them in the park, having the freedom to go anywhere you want and shaking peoples hand just to say hello.

I’ve had moments in the last week where it has all been too much and yes I have shed a tear or two but I think it’s better to let it out then keep it bottled up which would cause more stress and worry down the line. Everybody’s life has been turned upside down and we are in a period of uncharted waters with no end in sight yet.

We all have to try and adapt at this time. I see even my granny is trying as she is getting Internet for her house so that she can use Google and Skype just to keep in contact with the outside world, so  all we can do is make the best out of this situation and keep positive, we are in this together.

I look out my window now and there are blue skies, the sun is shining and I am thinking to myself, we should be looking ahead to having a nice Easter but it will just be a different kind of Easter. It’s going to be hard at the weekend because  we are going to get nice weather and sadly we  cannot go out and about and have normal life  yet.

All we can do is change and adapt to this new situation we find ourselves in.

 As the quote goes “we can’t stop the waves but we can learn how to surf”.

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