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Personal Benefits to being on a CE Scheme

Before joining the team in Youth Work Ireland Tipperary, I was very much stuck in a rut. Since beginning in my role 10 months ago, my confidence has increased dramatically. From the bundles of nerves I was in the interview to now, I am 100% more confident. Before starting on the CE Scheme, I absolutely hated talking on the phone. I always preferred to talk face to face. I still dislike speaking on the phone but I am more comfortable with it now.

The experience I have received in YWIT has been fantastic. I really don’t imagine too many organisations would take a chance on a 30 year old with no experience of accounts. I have gained experience using Sage accounts package and also in office administration. I have picked up tips that will be very useful wherever I go.

I have also been lucky enough to get training while I am here. Through YWIT, I have received Child Protection training, Manual Handling and Occupational First Aid. I have also been to information sessions for E-Vetting and Intel Security Digital Safety. Any and all training will be added to my CV. I am hoping to do an online course more focused on accounts before I finish.

As a result of the CE Scheme, I feel more confident in my general life. I know that I will be more confident when attending interviews. I have relevant experience that I can talk about. I can show how my problem solving skills have developed. I feel like a more rounded person in general. It really helps to have a line manager that supports and encourages you to do your best.

– Ian Burke

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