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Senior girls group publish booklet on puberty

This year Tipp Youth Project’s senior girls group – Shauna, Chloe Mc, Chloe Wills, Savannah, Ciara-Mai, Megan, Eva, Faye and Sharon – decided to publish a booklet that will give their younger peers they need around puberty.

They also wanted young girls to realise the opportunities that are open to them; that they can grow up to be amazing women.

They decided to look at puberty as many of the girls didn’t have access to information about it when they were going through this difficult phase.

The group researched online and among their peers in order to discover the questions/issues they felt needed to be addressed.

The booklet, which is entitled Puberty: a period full of changes, includes a section on “how does it feel having your period”? and another featuring tips on how to make it easier to cope.  It also has a section on the good and bad aspects of relationships.

The girls felt it was important to highlight the fact that all women, no matter who they are, have periods (it’s natural!).  They have included a page on famous Irish women and the booklet finishes with a page of inspirational quotes from inspirational women.

The girls included a quote of their own too: “If you ever feel less important than a man think of the one thing a woman can do that a man can’t!”.

Thanks to the National Lottery for the funds which made this project possible.

You can read the full booklet here:

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