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Garda Diversion Youth Project

Youth Work Ireland – Tipperary Garda Youth Diversion Project (GYDP) works with young people (12-18 years) who are involved in, or at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour and crime. 

Our Garda Youth Diversion Project works in partnership with the  Irish Youth Justice Service, This project is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union

Our Garda Youth Diversion Project is located in Tipperary Town. 

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Block 1


  • Working either one to one and/or group work, our Garda Youth Diversion Project 
  • Support young people in their personal, civic & social development. 
Block 2


Although the individual outcome for each young person varies regarding to individual needs, the general outcomes for young people involved GYDP are: 

  • Greater sense of personal worth 
  • Improved sense of civic & social involvement 
  • Understanding of benefit of educational attachment and/or attainment 
  • Increased engagement with pro-social peers 
  • Improved use of recreation time 

Positive outcomes in these areas have proven to lead to a reduction in their likelihood of a young person offending/re-offending 

Block 3

Programmes & Activities 

With the support of Youth Justice Workers, young people can participate in a diverse range of youth work programmes & activities including: 

  • Life Skills & Personal Development 
  • Junior Leadership Training & Skills 
  • Civic & Social Development 
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness & Education 
  • Creative Art & Music 
  • Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Youth Information 
  • International Youth Exchanges 
  • Work to Learn Programme  
  • Education Support through Alternative Learning Programme  
  • Collaborative support with internal and external structure such as family support in local Family Resource Centres 
  • Sexual Health Programmes 


Our Youth justice team are:

     Claire Turner at Claire.turner@youthworktipperary.ie     Tel: 0858009921 / 062 52604

     Paul D’Arcy at Paul.darcy@youthworktipperary.ie          Tel: 087 2860998 / 06252604

Address: Youth Work Tipperary, 17 Bank Place, Tipperary town, CO Tipperary