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“Glocal Youth” project



The ‘Glocal Youth’ project sought to inform young people about global development issues and how they impact on their local lives, supporting them in developing an analysis based on principles of justice, equality and inclusion and providing a platform for local action. Glocal2017 is a follow on project from Glocal 2016. The funding received allowed for a project support worker to be contracted in for individual pieces of work, this was the original project worker that worked on Glocal in 2016. In 2017, the project focused on developing initiatives started in 2016, and on continuing to develop the organisation’s policy, staff training and approach around the area of development education, to ensure that it is integrated into our regular work practices was recruited and the project was amended to reflect the decreased amount of resources.

The project worked with a range of staff and young people to create an understanding and awareness around development education and to develop projects and initiatives that would make DE a tangible and real part of the programme delivery of the organisation. There was a particular focus on Thurles and the Syrian community there, and very successful initiatives were delivered from this end. The project also worked at an organisational level to explore policy development and confidence around DE.

The overall outcome of the project was some very tangible and relevant pieces of work, that were created as a result of Glocal 2017. The key end outputs were as follows:

* Progression and Manualisation of What Use is my Mobile Phone – a project developed to engage youth participants in understanding our individual role in making change and transformation happen and in coming into personal relationship with our interdependent world. The project has been workshopped through the organisation and the toolkit was presented by the Junior Board of Management at the NYCI One World Week Youth Summit at the Aviva stadium on 23rd November 2017. 11 young people participated through the JBOM, and a further 15 young people participated in the delivery of the programme in Tipperary Town YP, as well as 40 young people through CNN.

* Communication Change – What’s the Photostory – From Syria to Tipperary is a project developed to build connection and encourage empathetic understanding on stories of migration. Many young people come to live in new countries with their family, or sometimes on their own, because of circumstances that are out of their control. Through an ongoing youth work process, YWI Tipperary worked with 15 young people from Syria to develop an exhibition and teaching resource for wider sharing to build connection between storytellers and readers and to challenge assumptions and stereotypes. Again the programme was workshopped with CNN with 40 young people

being reached. This project was presented in Thurles on the 23rd November 2017 to the community of Thurles, with 56 people attending the launch.

* Development Education Youth Participation videos. These videos were developed on foot of the ‘What’s the photostory project’, and are a combination of young people telling their story in English and Arabic with subtitles.

* Development Education Policy and Procedures

One policy was disseminated to staff and young people, and a staff training day completed, which also looked at diversity training, with 20 staff reached. A week long Development Education Seminar funded through LEARGAS took place in November. The aim of this action was to initiate collaboration between youth workers and researchers. This collaboration developed the capacity of local organisations to address the challenges to integration facing young migrants and refugees (aged 14-24). This was being done by highlighting the factors which contribute to positive outcomes for young Migrants and promotion their adoption by youth work organisations. 35 participants attended the seminar throughout the week, and participants visited a number of projects around Ireland as well as learned about YWI Tipperary’s own approach.

* Youth Participation approach – the Junior Board of Management was the key target group to develop the What Use is My Phone, and also facilitated delivery of this programme to two youth groups in YWI Tipperary, as well as presenting it the Change Makers Conference with NYCI. Comhairle na nOg participated in the piloting of delivery of the What’s the Photo story programme.



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