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Youth Participation

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary places youth participation at the core of everything that we do. Opportunities for youth participation start from the moment a young person comes through their door. They participate in the running and organisation of their time with us – whether that’s doing up an Outcome Star for their own individual work with us, to participating in the running of their group through group contracts, planning and management right up through the project committees, Comhairle na nOg, the Junior Board of Management and opportunities to get involved at national level with the National Youth Advisory Group as well as the possibility to become a director of our own local Board of Directors, as well as at the national level.

Check out our video for Youth Participation here.

Block 1

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary Project/ Cafe Committees

  • Are made up of young people from the groups and projects and input into the design and running of cafes, groups and events, and fundraise for activities
  • Go through a selection/ interview process, are self managed and receive committee skills training.
  • Come together regularly at a regional basis, and also have the opportunity to attend national events.
  • Members are supported to progress to other committees and structures
Block 2

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary Junior Board of Management

  • Work with the Board of Directors to support the development of the organisation, and to ensure that youth participation is a key element of our work.
  • Have a maximum of 15 members who are active members of some element of Youth Work Ireland Tipperary
  • Get involved in doing research and needs analysis with schools for the Strategic Plan, inputting into the Strategic plan, and into policies for the organisation, as well as developing their own projects.
  • Members blog for us as well as representing us on various structures, such as the Youth Work Ireland National Youth Advisory Group, National Board of Directors and other structures.

In September 2015 Youth Work Ireland recorded the Junior Board of Management to highlight the outstanding work through youth participation. Check out the video here.  

Block 1

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary YOUTH EXECUTIVE

  • Provides an opportunity for young people over 18 to remain involved in the shaping of our organisation. 
  • Is made up of young people who are interested in health promotion,
  • Acts as an advisory panel on health promotion.
  • Undertakes key pieces of work include international programmes and training, support for the health promotion strategy, leadership opportunities and volunteerism.
  • Has a representative on the Board of Directors.
Block 2

Tipperary Comhairle na nOg

  • Is the local elected youth council which give children and young people the opportunity to be involved in the development of local services and policies with 40 elected members
  • Is made up of Young people across the county working on many topics – which include mental health, services and facilities for young people, homophobic bullying, sexual health and many more.
  • Gets involved in links with decisions makers such as CYPSC and Tipperary County Council and also make presentations to various committees and groups.

 Check out Tipperary Comhairle here www.tippcomhairle.com