Programmes & Events

As well as using many external programmes within our work, Youth Work Ireland Tipperary places a strong emphasis on developing and progressing our own programmes, which are specifically developed to meet the needs of our young people, and which we are happy to share with other youth service providers. Youth Work Ireland Tipperary also has a regular schedule of events throughout the year.  These events are open to projects and clubs who are affiliated to us.

Our Programmes

Work Winner Project

The Youth Employment Programme is for young people aged 18 to 25 years, who are long term unemployed. This programme places an emphasis on the youth work model of delivery with a significant element each week of work experience that reflects the interests of the individual young person.

Check out our Work Winner Project video here.

Cool Ceoil

This programme aims to support young people to access music and develop skills in an instrument or area that interests them. Particularly young people who might not otherwise get the chance to learn an instrument.

Check out our Cool Ceoil video here


Physical health is an essential building block to the overall development of young people and this programme aims to introduce a range of physical activities which would not normally be available to young people on a consistent basis.

Check out our Activ8 video here.

Glocal Youth

Development education is an important aspect of our activities and we encourage young people to learn about issues that take place on a global level and how these issues impact our own lives.


Active citizenship and the importance of working to improve our communities and our world for others as well as ourselves is a vital element of all our youth projects. ContribYOUTH is essential to supporting young people to learn about the importance of working for their community.

Games Technology & Youth Work

Gaming is a relatively new phenomenon, especially to ‘adults’ and we believe that gaming is a vital element to supporting youth work and reaching young people in their space. We have an international collaboration in partnership with LIT around a three year project designed to develop and combine gaming and youth work skills.

Tech Space

We are delighted to work in collaboration with Camara Ireland on this new initiative designed to incorporate technology with some of our youth projects.

Snow White & The 7 Mental-Health Helpers

This is our peer led youth mental health programme which combines training young people in Transition Year up to deliver a youth mental health awareness programme to primary school children in order to encourage an open conversation and positive awareness around mental health.

Check out our Snow White & The 7 Mental-Health Helpers video here.

Junior & Senior Soccer League

Every year these soccer leagues are hotly contested events with most clubs and projects entering at least one team.  A great evening, organised by the Rural Outreach Team, and staffed by project workers and volunteers, these leagues are an opportunity for clubs and projects to show their skills and talents as well as meet members of other projects and clubs

Junior Summer Fun Event

Every June we organise a get together for our junior clubs and project groups.  Activities have ranged from Summer Fun days to visits to activity centres.  A chance to celebrate all the work that takes place over the year and a final meet up for young people before the summer holidays, we can never promise good weather but always promise good fun!

Comhairle na nOg AGM

Youth Work Ireland have managed Comhairle na nOg for the past number of years on behalf of Tipperary County Council, and the pinnacle of each year is the AGM, which normally sees 200 young people coming together to identify priorities for the year and elect their representatives.

Irish Youth Music Awards

Each year a group from Tipperary represents our county at the Youth Work Ireland IYMA, which brings bands and musicians together from all over Ireland to perform their own music creations. This competition is about more than the performers, and Youth Work Ireland Tipperary sends a full crew incorporating background work, promotion and process.

Youth Work Ireland Week

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary gets involved in the national ‘week’ each April, which aims to place a focus on youth work in a particular area each year.  The week also includes a political briefing, and we always encourage our local TDs to meet us in Dublin to hear more about what we are doing.

Youth Work Ireland Tipperary AGM

Each year Youth Work Ireland Tipperary uses our AGM as an opportunity to focus on a particular area and encourages clubs and young people to attend to celebrate with us and learn from each other.

Junior Summer Programme

Each project has a full summer programme for juniors each year, usually run over July, which encourages young people in primary school to participate in events, programmes and summer camps.

Senior Summer Trip

Each year our projects take senior members on a regional trip, normally an overnight, to celebrate all the hard work they have done over the year.  Destinations in the past number of years have included Oakwood and Blackpool.  The trip normally takes place in August, and projects spend a lot of time preparing for it beforehand.