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Being a Young Adult Travelling in Rural Tipperary

Nearing the end of the 2020 Work/Training programme, I am a young person living in rural Tipperary. I am currently looking for full or part time work whilst trying to get from A to B with limited transport available to me. The biggest factor is and has been transport. The 2 big towns close to where I live are Thurles (19km) and Clonmel (25km). Time to think:

Figure thinking about different methods of transport


  1. My father drives to his work, so I look for work near him.
  2. “Thumb” a lift – this is illegal and as a young female it would be unsafe.
  3. Carpool with a neighbour/friend.
  4. Use of bus with a return trip @ €10 (week @ €50)
  5. Use of a taxi with a return trip @€30 (week @€150)


I was offered an interview for 10.15am in Clonmel, the bus leaves at 8.40am for the 45 minute journey. The return journey is 11am. If the interview runs over, the next bus is not until 3.30/4pm. More thinking:


  1. Do I ring the company for an appointment that suits my travel arrangements? But, if I’m successful, do I tell them I can only work certain hours?
  2. Do I not show up for interview as in the long run I’m wasting my time – travel will continue to be an obstacle?
  3. Shift or evening work is definitely not an option.

I have passed my theory test (local ETB) and have a provisional license. How can I save for driving lessons or even consider buying a car that is road worthy (insurance, tax, NCT, etc) – costs just keep adding up.

Disappointment, I didn’t get the job. But what if I had? I would like public travel to not interfere with my potential work, education or socialising with friends. I would like:

  • Public transport services to get together to look at a way forward
  • A regulated bus service on offer with frequent services available
  • Buses coincide with start and end times for employment (including shift work)
  • A standard travel allowance or travel card be introduced or issue a free student card

Less stress for me and I can further become a fully functioning adult who can make decisions on a work/life balance.

Úna: 2020 Work / Training Participant

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