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“What’s the Photostory?” Syria – Tipperary

Many young people come to live in a new country with their family, or sometimes on their own, because of circumstances that are out of their control.  This movement away from all that is familiar can be very disrupting to a young person’s sense of self.  With the migration of young people to Ireland in difficult circumstances, we felt it was important to offer a resource that would encourage inquiry and points of connection, creating a bond between the creators and readers of these stories.

The resource was developed through the generosity of fifteen young people from Syria and their parents.  Twelve of the young people came with their families to Ireland under a Refugee Resettlement Programme in late 2014/early 2015.  Three have arrived more recently.  All of the young people here are involved in ongoing youth work process with Youth Work Ireland Tipperary.

Key to engagement was a strong bond of trust and relationships that had built up over time, involving the young people and their parents.  Drawing on Augosto Boal’s methods created a space for the stories to emerge.


What’s the Photostory Syria – Tipperary – A teaching resource

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