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“What USE is my mobile phone?”

Photography by Maxwell Photography during the Youth Summit

The toolkit begins with the question.  “Can we use our phones to change how we see the world?”  and takes participants on a journey from personal use of the phone to asking how it is made and what are the conditions like for the workers?; then onto different uses of the phone globally (walking in some one else’s shoes with a mobile) and finally the participants experience having to flee their homes due to conflict, relying on the Smartphone as an essential tool.  Each session is linked to specific SDGs and these are part of the learning experience.

In developing the toolkit, we work-shopped all sessions with the Junior Board of Management (Jbom) whose feedback shaped and created the final result.  Jbom presented the toolkit at the NYCI Youth Summit on the SDGs on the 23rd of November 2017 in the #changemakers slot, making the toolkit their own in the process.

What USE is my mobile phone

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